1. Divide the class into several small groups.
2. Give each group the strips of sentences.
3. Ask them to make logical sentences by arranging the strips (2 strips for 1 sentence)
4. After the students have finished, go over the sentences to discuss the use of Adverb Clause.
Note: This activity can be used as a speed game. You can also elaborate the discussion further, not only about the grammar point but also the students’ personal experiences. Therefore, make the sentences contextual.

I cannot love you even though

since the lecturer doesn’t come today,

some guys know how to treat women, while

now that you’re 20,

I will forgive you only if

my parents have a lot of children, so

he has a bad insomnia, so he can’t sleep unless

after I graduate from this university,

while I was going on a date with my boyfriend/girlfriend,

nobody has seen her ever since

once I receive this month’s allowance from my parents,

the last time I went to my Senior High School,

you bring me the moon and the stars

we can hang out together at the café

others simply do not

you should be more responsible to yourself

you buy me that chocolate ice cream and Japanese cake

we always fight when watching TV

he counts 1,000 sheep

I will run a business with my friends

I met my other boyfriend/girlfriend, and now I’m completely available

she comes to the Structure class last week

I will treat everybody in the class

it has completely changed